Kotada Estate

Kotada Garden

Kotada is spread over lush & scenic gardens encompassing Kotada, Crofton & Deepdale estates. Situated at ideal elevations of between 4500 ft to 5750 feet, the teas from these gardens are indeed unique & distinctive in character & taste.

Entering its 74th year since conception, SAE still prides itself for some of the finest teas found in the market, worldwide. True to a legacy that has come to be known as the Indian Tea, Kotada Garden remains etched in the books of history. Connoisseurs of this tea from the ages gone by, include erstwhile Viceroys, Presidents & Prime Ministers of the nation!


Specialties For Kotada

Kotada, Deepdale and Crofton were originally coffee estates which were later converted to tea plantation. However, we have retained some good areas under Coffee. Crop diversification has been introduced with Cardamom (Mysore, Malabar as well as the tissue cultured varieties) & Pepper. Kotada nursery is self-sufficient & propagates its own saplings & compost & is continuously engaged in experimenting with better cultivars of tea & sustainable agricultural techniques.

Kotada has ploughed back much of what it has reaped into welfare programmes for its 1000+ strong work force. A highly motivated work force adds to the magic of the Kotada legacy. A civilization thrives here. Crèche for toddlers, a healthcare centre to take care of workers and families health with dispensary for the ill, a mall for all, a temple, a church, a school bus, a workers gym, recreational areas & buildings etc. are some of the amenities that go to make the garden a little planet, a planet mostly self-sufficient. It is no wonder then that the garden was so easily certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization, for meeting, if not exceeding, all stringent parameters as defined by them!


Why Kotada tea!

The factory is ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 certified by Bureau Veritas, Mumbai & is equipped with state of the art facilities & production procedures, which are constantly assessed & upgraded. Kotada factory has dual manufacturing systems (both Orthodox & CTC).

The garden caters to a specialty tea market too, finding rich patronage for the same.  It’s common to find silver tips in the tealeaves manufactured here. The brisk flavour & the bright liquor match the most superior quality of tea from around the world.

Kotada teas compete against the best in the world, be it Assamese, Srilankan or Kenyan. In a market place ruled by the patterns of taste & with major thrust now on the health aspect too, vis-à-vis teas’ strong antioxidant, flavonoid & other nutritional content which prevent cardiovascular diseases, this high grown blended tea has consistent high bidders & importers from the major blenders & packers in nations like Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland & the USA.


The estate plays a vital role in the conservation of the ecological balance. Tremendous care is taken to ensure that non-biodegradable refuse does not enter the food chain of the domestic & wild life by means of recycling. Maintaining the dense forest cover around the gardens, countering the problems of soil erosion, replenishing the nitrogen content of the soil etc have all supplemented to the ecosystem. Kotada has taken the lead in undertaking a massive forestation programme to maintain ecological balance as an environmentally conscious corporate citizen.


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