Welbeck Estate


Welbeck Garden

Welbeck Garden, compromising Welbeck & Cairnhill divisions is tucked away in the Nilgiris & situated about 9 km from Ootacamund, at an elevation of approximately 7000 feet – 7750 feet on land with sandy loam rich soil ideal for growing quality tea & scenic appeal.

For reasons varying from an innate need for ecological consciousness to that of catering to an ever-growing demand market for organic products, the Garden started the phased manner of conversion to an organic way of cultivation. Natural buffers of thick forests on one side & man-made buffers on the other facilitated an easy conversion to organic.

Specialties For Welbeck

The garden is certified completely “Organic” & manufactures its own organic compost & manure & has a self-reliant unit for vermiculture too. It boasts of adding to the environment as much as it has taken from it, playing a vital role in the conservation of the ecological balance, as the noted increase in flora & fauna in & around the garden!

Tea apart, Welbeck also cultivates certified organic herbs like rosemary & thyme, harvests its own organic fruits like pears, peaches & plums & vegetables too. Welbeck has the unique distinction of establishing the first & probably only, organically certified Tea Nursery in the country! Proposals to establish an organic floriculture unit are on the anvil.


Why Welbeck tea!

Very high level of hygiene & standard are adopted in the factory. The factory is both ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 certified & employs an Orthodox method of manufacture of tea, using state of the art machinery with special emphasis on quality control, safety & customer satisfaction. Teas manufactured conform to the specifications as laid down by the EU & USDA (NOP) norms.

In an endeavour to fulfil demands from major International blenders & packers, the garden has diversified to production of “Organic”, “Specialty” & “Green” teas, which have already made their mark in the tea arena.

Welbeck tea consistently demands the highest prices at auctions. In fact, it has stood ahead of all its competitors in the various Tea Tasting Competitions held. Welbeck teas have found a constant market world over. Some of their constant importers are Germany, UK, some more European countries & some Asian countries. The specialty tea sees market in Germany & the USA.


The garden provides various facilities to its workers & employees like living areas, a crèche, an elementary school, recreational facilities for employees, scholarship facilities for the deserving etc., & is in compliance with Fairtrade norms, being FLO certified.


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